How to cite a web site in an essay?

How to cite a web site in an essay?

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How to cite a web site in an essay?

The information posted on a page on the Internet is an electronic remote access resource. You can cite it in an essay by following the next rules. Description of electronic resources of local and remote access is regulated by GOST 7.82 – 2001 “Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description of electronic resources. Here are excerpts from the document.

Description of the electronic resource

The main title of the electronic resource and is reproduced in the form in which it is given in the source of information, for example, The Great Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius

General material designation: [Electronic resource]

A parallel title is the equivalent of the main title in a different language, for example, The Imperial Palace and Park Ensembles of St. Petersburg [Electronic resource] = The Imperial Palace of St. Petersburg. Petersburg

Title information – information that reveals and explains the main title. They are preceded by a colon, for example: condition, problems, prospects.

Details of responsibility may consist of the names of persons and names of organizations with accompanying words or short text specifying their role in creating an electronic resource, or without such words and text, for example: / author. course, A. Sigalov or / Ros. state humanitarian un-t

Information about the publication – information about changes and (or) features of this publication in relation to the previous edition of the same document, for example, Ed. 3rd, rev. and add.

The designation of the type of resource, for example, Electron. Journal, Electron. text is given. etc.

The volume of the resource is written in brackets for example: (33 files)

Place of publication, name of the publisher, date of publication, for example, Moscow: Intersoft, 1999. If there is no information about the place of publication or date in the document, but they are known, they are given in square brackets, for example: – [Novosibirsk]. If the alleged place of publication is given, it is indicated in square brackets with a question mark, for example: – [Kursk?]. If the date cannot be set, then it is given in square brackets approximately, for example: [199-?]

Link examples

Electronic catalog of the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology [Electronic resource]: the database contains information on all types of literature supplied to the Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology. – Electron. Dan. (5 files, 178 thousand records). – M., [199-?]. – Access mode: – Title from the screen.

Russian spelling dictionary of Russian Academy of Sciences [Electronic resource] / Ed. V. V. Lopatina – Electron. Dan. – M.: Reference and information Internet portal GRAMOTA.RU, 2005. – Access mode:, free. – Title from the screen.

How to find a good essay writer?

One of the frequent problems that almost all owners of fast-growing projects created for earnings face are the search for the author of the texts for the project, in other words, a good copywriter. Indeed, the success of monetization of the site depends on the qualifications of the latter. And then, even if there is already a copywriter, it is impossible to say for sure how long and successful this cooperation will be.

In addition, to force majeure circumstances, in which every performer can suddenly, there are many reasons for refusing to continue to cooperate – an increase in the contractor’s own pay rates, a lack of mutual understanding on key points, etc.

Authors also tend to “get tired.” Many essay writers have a tendency to “write up”. When work becomes a routine, writing articles is put on stream, creative impulses are extinguished, and the struggle for uniqueness turns into such production costs as tongue-tied language, you can understand the situation. But you shouldn’t let it go. It will not get any better. As soon as you notice that the copywriter begins to work carelessly, it’s time to look for a worthy replacement for him. Moreover, the probability of finding a copywriter is better than before very, very high, whenever you decide to take this step.

There is an opinion that those who really know how to write do not sit on the exchanges in anticipation of orders, but work directly with customers. Perhaps this statement is true for expensive copywriters who have made their own name a recognizable brand, having a website and a long line of clients.

Where to find a good essay writer?

When you need to find a copywriter on the site to work on writing articles, first of all, it makes sense to look for an artist after all through a specialized exchange. If only because the work with content on the main exchanges is brought to a very decent level. In addition to the ability to set the desired price for 1000 characters (the cost of copywriting), there is almost always a choice from a variety of performers who responded to the task created.

The system of evaluations of performers (rating) available on many exchanges, work statistics and portfolio, although they do not guarantee a quick solution of the issue, still, greatly help in selecting the author-copywriter. Ignore the copyright portfolio, its test work, links to which can often be found on the stock exchanges, as well as reviews of other customers, should not be under any circumstances.